“What’s wrong, honey? You’re usually pretty excited this time of year. It’s the start of a new basketball season!” prodded Encourager trying to change the mood.

“Thank you for the enthusiasm sweetheart, but it’s not exactly kicking off the way I had planned.”

“You mean to say that the best basketball coach in the entire state isn’t perfect?” she responded playfully. “I am shocked!”

Mentor, obviously affected by her affection, cracked a smile and whispered in jest to himself, “Well, I didn’t say I wasn’t perfect.”

“I heard that!”

“Wow! If only Hopeful would listen half as well as you can hear, he’d be playing this weekend!” exclaimed Mentor before realizing he let out a little too much.

“Come again?” she asked, sticking her head back into the room he was sitting in. “Must have been a pretty wild film practice for your star player to have gotten hurt.”

“So much for the best basketball coach in the state, huh?” poked Mentor, admiring his comeback to his smirking wife. “No, he made the decision to bench himself this weekend.”

Her face turned serious as Encourager thought out loud, “That is a pretty interesting decision coming from the senior who has been working and dreaming all his life to play in the NBA one day. I wonder, if I were him, why would I make that decision?”

Shaking his head Mentor explained, “He is in a war, honey. Some battles you win, some battles you lose. I just pray he takes my advice before it is too late.”

“What did you tell him? Did you share your story with him? I bet that would help him.”

“I did and I’m sure it will. I told him life isn’t made of what you’re given, it is made from what you do with what you’re gifted—that is what makes all the difference.”
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